Yes Haircredile Besties it's a thing! Could you believe that? Well what is Seasonal Hair loss? 

Did you know that we shed an average of 80 to 100 hairs every day and it's considered normal hair shedding? Your shedding hair goes through a cycle of growth, transition and then rest, when hairs release and are shed, before the process repeats. During certain times of the year, you may notice an increase in shedding, especially in the late fall months. This common phenomenon is known as seasonal shedding.

If you have been properly maintaining your hair and scalp, seasonal shedding is normally not a cause for concern. With time, shedding should stabilize back to normal daily levels and normal hair growth will continue. Studies believe that the body is responding in some hormonal manner to the changes in the amount of daylight. The longer hours of daylight in the summer triggers the hair to enter the telogen phase, which then triggers the shedding at the end of that phase.

What should I do to reduce Seasonal Hair Loss? Adding foods rich in fatty acids like avocado, almonds, coconut oil, salmon, and chia seeds can help support healthy hair. Using products formulated with hair growth in mind might not prevent hair loss, but it can promote new growth. Try Haircredible Biotin Charcoal Shampoo and Biotin and Beautiful Conditioner! Deep Condition WEEKLY! To combat breakage the Scalp Revival and Stimulator Hair Masque is a must!  Formulated with weakened, damaged hair in mind, the deep conditioning hair masque helps to restore moisture and nutrients back into strands to prevent future breakage. You can't go wrong with the Biotin and Beautiful Collection from Haircredible during the Fall Season or shall I say... the season of Seasonal Hair Loss. 

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