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Yes Haircredile Besties it's a thing! Could you believe that? Well what is Seasonal Hair loss?  Did you know that we shed an average of 80 to 100 hairs every day and it's considered normal hair shedding? Your shedding hair goes through a cycle of growth, transition and then rest, when hairs release and are shed, before the process repeats. During certain times of the year, you may notice an increase in shedding, especially in the late fall months. This...
When talking growth your talking Haircredible Biotin Collection! There are so many ways hair loss can become a factor in your life. It can be due to pregancy, thyroid disorders, anemia, taking medicine, stress, crash dieting, hormonal imbalance, Vitamin B12 defieciency and the list goes on! If you are experiencing some hair loss and thinning... we highly recommend The Regrowth System! This system contains the Biotin and Charcoal Shampoo, Multivitamin Conditioning Scalp Oil, Scalp Revival and Stimulator Hair Masque, and...
With the growth of Haircredible Hair Care and all the success coming our way we thought we should give our customers a new look! If your not following us on social media do so, however if not, you can always see the latest updates for Haircredible right here on the site! The great thing about our brand is you get to see us work from ground up in building a whole entire beauty empire. Giving you clips Behind the Scenes,...

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