• Do I have to be Natural to use your products? No Way! We cater to Relaxed, Natural, and also our products can be used on extensions. 
  • Do you offer Samples of your product? We only are sending samples to retailers and salons at the moment.  However, we do offer give-a-ways via Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Make sure you are following us to receive details. Also, please sign up for of VIP List to receive upcoming details on future samples and give-a-ways.
  • Do you only cater to people with "good hair"? We get this question all the time and its so crazy to us lol. We cater to Fine Hair and Low Porosity Hair but also damaged from heat, the sun, and everything else. Our products is not just for Moisture but to also Repair, Strengthen hair, Protect, Hydrate, Restore, Volumize, and even Define. 
  • What shipping method do you use? We ship all orders via UPS at 4pm each day. For US Orders: Normally takes 2-7 business days. For International Orders: Usually takes 8-14 business days. 
  • Can Children use Haircredible? Yes! We recommend 1yr old and up. 
  • I dont have Fine Hair? Can I use your products? Yes! It all depends what type of products you love actually. We have customers that does not have fine hair and they love it. Its all about the consistency of the product that work best that you love for your hair. If you love lightweight products for your hair then we are for you. If you are more of a person that love heavy products then we are not for you. However, anybody can use our styling products and right now our Hairspray is currently our best seller! Check it out! 
  • I have general questions about the company where can I contact you?customerservice@haircredible.com or visit our contact section!
  • Do you cater to all Ethnic Backgrounds? Yes! You can be African American, Caucasian, Indian, Asian, you can even be an Avatar or Alien. Its not about where you come from or the color of your skin, its about hair and what you love for your hair. 
  • Do you ship International? Yes, we do ship outside the USA. Please allow up to 72 business hours for your order to be processed. Shipping time is an average of 7-11 business days after your order has been processed.Due to customs processing in each country shipping times for international orders are averages. Your order may arrive sooner, or in rare cases, later than the time frame listed. For this reason we cannot offer guaranteed arrival dates on international orders. Please note that we are not responsible for any duties, taxes, or levies that your country may impose on your shipment as this is handled within the country of receipt. We have absolutely no control or jurisdiction over your governments duty/tax assessment or whether a duty/tax is assessed at all (for many shipments a duty/tax is not charged).