Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss that occurs when hair is repeatedly pulled or subjected to tension over a prolonged period. This can happen due to certain hairstyles that involve tight braids, ponytails, weaves, or extensions that pull on the hair follicles, causing damage and leading to hair loss.

The condition can be prevented by avoiding hairstyles that pull on the hair too tightly and by taking breaks between wearing certain hairstyles. If you already have traction alopecia, you may need to see a dermatologist or hair specialist for treatment options such as topical medications, hair transplant surgery, or scalp micropigmentation.

Traction alopecia is reversible, but you need to treat it quickly. If you stop wearing your hair in the tight hairstyle that caused it, your hair will grow back normally. But if you continue styling your hair the same way, the hair loss can be permanent. Haircredible Hair Care has a BEST SELLING Growth Duo for balding areas, or even areas that are stressed on the scalp. Haircredible Biotin Collection is known for its 5 star Adjust My Crown Regrowth Treatment and Multivitamin Oil! 

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