Haircredible Founder & CEO- Lavada Wright

Lavada Wright is a Wife, Mom of 7, Entrepreneur, and Motivator. With hardships dealing with constant hair loss due to Post Partum, Anemia, and Traction Alopecia... She was destined to find the right hair care products that would work for her texture. Growth was not the only issue but finding the right formulas that did not weigh her Fine Natural Hair down was important. As the mission to find it started becoming too long and overwhelming, her next thought was to CREATE IT!

Working deeply with a chemist, forming a focus group of people with different hair textures and hair problems, as well researching and learning what consumers needed and were desperately looking for.... she formulated HAIRCREDIBLE!


 Lavada builds her brand from the bottom... using bare minimum resources that is around her to get her to success. She started with nothing, worked out her mother's basement, hopped the NJ/NYC Trains to handout her flyers to people during rush hour, and has now reached beauty supply stores worldwide to now being in a Major Retailer such as Target! She stays humble and still works hard to get where she needs to be. Being so thankful and feeling so close to her customers, she calls them her Besties! 

Bestfriends! Join her journey on Youtube! 


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